Pike County (2016)

2016 County Highlights
Pike County

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Jeffrey Fisher
Health and Wellness

OSU Extension and Pike Healthy Lifestyles Initiative (PHLI) partnered to teach MyPlate lessons-Western Local Schools third-grade and cross-categorical students, children at Beaver/Western/Piketon branch libraries, and YMCA summer youth program with 134 participants reached.

The FCS educator taught nutrition lessons to Eastern Middle School sixth graders and Waverly Jr. High seventh graders with 194 participants engaged.

Teaching consumers that shopping and nutrition go hand-in-hand was demonstrated by the FCS educator for six participants in three shopping tours, as well as for 33 senior citizens in a specialized class, “Shopping and Cooking for Two...or You.”

Live Healthy Live Well e-Challenges: Using social media, the Family and Consumer Sciences educator conducted two six-week, online wellness challenges with 116 adults from Pike County during the past year. Twice-weekly email messages encouraged respondents to increase their physical activity, improve their diet, and to use coping techniques to reduce stress. More than 87 percent of Challenge participants report adopting one or more of the recommended practices that might help reduce their risk of developing chronic disease in post-challenge surveys.

Dining with Diabetes for 107 participants created immediate impact. Attendees reported that, after attending this class, they are now “drinking more water,” “eating smaller portions,” “cooking more meals at home,” and “reading labels.”

Food safety topics and training were addressed on three separate occasions. The educator assisted 20 participants from county food establishments in meeting new Ohio Department of Health requirements through ServSafe exams. 145 YMCA summer youth and Waverly Jr. High students were provided handwashing lessons. The educator also taught 4-H volunteers food safety training (Occasional Quantity Cook certification) as preparation for work in the county fair food booth.

Health and service fair exhibits and presentations were taught at the Western Branch Library, Fluor B&W, and Pike County fair, engaging 345 participants.

Job Skills and Careers

Real Money. Real World. curriculum was taught by OSU Extension – Pike County staff to Eastern High School seniors, Pike County CTC juniors, and Eastern and Western junior high students. In all, 98 percent of the 69 participants indicated on a post-evaluation that participating in this program gave them a better understanding of what is involved in earning, spending, and managing money. 

Thriving Across the Life Span

The FCS educator taught a budgeting class to 12 “senior companions.” In addition, the educator partnered with the Pike County Community Action Committee to assist 32 local residents with tax preparation.

30 youth from ages 5-8 participated in a Cloverbud day camp, where they learned about heart-healthy snacks and exercises.

Sustainable Food Systems

Pike County agricultural sales have increased to $26.8 million, and OSU Extension – Pike County provides agricultural resource expertise to boost productivity. Farm management topics include developing farm leases, negotiating cash rents, enterprise analysis and budgeting. Agronomic issues include pesticide training and recertification for 41 persons, planting recommendations and weed identification. Fertilizer certification training was provided to 35 agricultural producers in response to Ohio’s water quality concerns.

In 2016, the OSU Extension – Pike County Agriculture and Natural Resources educator planned and taught at two Small Farm Colleges. The curriculum was enhanced to include resource identification for veterans and business plan development providing participants a definitive strategy to develop their small farm and prepare them to apply for a loan. The modified curriculum included interactive lessons to create mission statements with goals and objectives, balance sheet and cash flow statements, marketing and business plans, and an executive summary. In 2016, 43 participants were identified as 52 percent female, 54 percent had never attended an Extension program, and only 35 percent had previous agricultural education. At least 77 percent did not have a financial plan, and 79 percent did not have a marketing plan. As a result of attending this program, 80 percent of the participants indicated that they either started or changed their farm business plan and two participants were successful in securing grant funding to initiate their farm business.

OSU Extension – Pike County provides assistance to livestock producers with ration-balancing, developing herd health programs, and marketing strategies. Quality assurance training was provided for 135 youth within the county and 177 persons at the Ohio Beef Expo. OSU Extension – Pike County initiated a free hay and soil testing program for livestock producers. Assistance was provided to supplement rations for livestock in the last trimester of pregnancy. Soil tests were interpreted to help producers increase their forage yield from both pasture and hay ground. These results were the basis for a session at a field night at the Jackson Agricultural Research Station attended by more than 200 participants. According to pre- and post-surveys, participants indicated they increased their knowledge by 26 percent on the topic of the importance of hay quality on subsequent heifer breeding performance as taught by this instructor. This instructor assists in planning and teaching at the Ohio Beef Cattle School. Participants improved their knowledge by 30 percent on the topic of factors that affect percent calf crop.

Hundreds of local requests in consumer horticulture were responded to this year in areas of weed identification and control, floriculture and pest mitigation. Recent economic challenges brought in many questions from those who were planting their first garden. Common requests in Pike County include tomato diseases, fruit plantings, and tree diseases. Special meetings on soil testing, insect control, composting, and raised bed gardening were provided to Waverly Garden Club, Pike Soil and Water, and residents of Bristol Village with interest in gardening and floriculture. In addition, OSU Extension – Pike County conducts many on-farm visits to help horticultural producers resolve crisis situations relative to plant disease, spray drift and insect control. A summer intern was hired to work with commercial horticulture producers to provide identification and control of disease and insect issues.

Engaged Ohioans, Vibrant Communities

The Pike County 4-H Youth Development program enrolled 789 youth participating in traditional 4-H community clubs led by 121 adult volunteers. This year, 40 organized community clubs provided safe, inclusive environments for youth to determine goals, make decisions, and envision their future. Through membership and officer positions, the 4-H members developed leadership skills. As part of the completed projects, youth learned responsibility and interview skills.

The Extension educator made a significate effort to reach youth not involved in traditional 4-H clubs. During the 2015 school year, 1,220 different youth were taught curriculum centering on science, nutrition, fitness, environment, and literacy through school-enrichment programs.

Nearly 340 Pike County third graders participated in the annual Agriculture Awareness Day. The day was sponsored by the Farm Bureau and was made possible by the more than 50 adult volunteers. The 4-H educator presented 13 lessons about honey bees.

The 4-H camping program remains one of the most anticipated yearly events. In 2016, more than 100 youth attended five overnight summer camps and fun days. Five county teens volunteered as camp counselors and attended a two-day training to enhance their leadership and workforce skills before volunteering at camp.

The junior livestock judging program completed its first full year of learning and competition. Youth spent eight weeks preparing for the state contest. In addition to the state contest, a local contest was held for junior and senior members with 20 participants.

CARTEENS is an organization dedicated to educating first-time traffic offenders. CARTEENS provided quarterly court appointed traffic classes for 35 first-time traffic offenders. The program partners with the State Highway Patrol, with the trooper speaking candidly about drivers’ unsafe behaviors. 

The Pike County fair is the largest event for 4-H members to exhibit their projects. The positive relationships among the county commissioners, Pike County Agriculture Society, OSU Extension, 4-H volunteers and parents brings the community together for a week of social activity and community well-being.

The Bristol Park Garden Project (BPGP) created partnerships between OSU Extension – Pike County and local agricultural education programs. Eastern, Western, and Pike CTC agricultural education programs to grew garden plants from seed to transplant in the BPG. CTC students prepared the garden by plowing. Extension staff planted the garden. Three 4-H clubs assisted the Extension office staff with watering and weeding the garden. All harvested food was delivered to the Food Pantry for distribution to county residents.

Breakfast in the Barn highlighted local farms and food production at farm gate price. OSU Extension received SE Region Endowment grant $500 and partnered with the Pike County Farm Bureau for sponsorship of program. Nine exhibitors and six local farms donated food items

Adena Hospital sponsored a health fair during the Pike County fair in which 4-H volunteers helped educate nearly 300 individuals about engaging in healthy eating habits and exercise.

Pike County Local Foods Group formed monthly meetings with 60 interested members, 18 vendors, and four county sites for pop-up markets were originated by the educator.

Pike County receives $64,441 in federal funding for nutrition education for low-income people, thanks to Extension’s local-state-federal partnership. Visit fcs.osu.edu/programs/nutrition for more information.